• SmartCard 2019

    international conference regarding cards and payments applications in financial and other sectors

  • CASE 2019

    Developers conference

    25.02.-26.02.2019, Zagreb, City Plaza centar

  • e-biz 2019

    Digital Business Conference

    25.03.-27.03.2019, Zagreb, City Plaza centar

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About us

The CASE Ltd is company from Rijeka that performs IT training through seminars and conferences. Initially, it was training for PC work (Dos, Wordstar, Lotus) so that it quickly went to the training of designers and programmers (Basic, C, Oracle). From this school came the well-known school of designers Dr. Mile Pavlic. But apart from the local-level seminars, CASE is well-known to a wider circle of IT professionals as a successful multi-conference organization. These include: e-biz (e-bussines), CASE (Business and Information Systems Development), SmartCard (Cards and Payments in Financial and Other Services), COM (Communication Technology) and Privacy (Personal Data Protection). At each of these conferences (150 to 300 participants per conference) they prove that topics, organization and atmosphere are what contributes to IT education in the right way.


CASE Ltd Informatički inženjering

Short name: CASE Ltd

Address: Antuna Barca 12, Rijeka

IBAN: PBZ, HR9223400091100085273,

VAT ID 03236260491